New James Baroud Falcon Shower Cabin


Due Soon!

The Falcon shower cabin is made from a rubberized waterproof, UV resistant and antistatic fabric, and a transparent soft plastic tinted in black.
Aluminium frame.
The shower cabin can be opened and closed rapidly.
Easy access to the vehicle without leaving the shower cabin 
Transparent soft plastic roof tinted in black .

James Baroud Website

UK Importers Tuff-Trek

Plastor Storage Boxes


These boxes are a good alternative to the more common WOLF BOX but are much much cheaper. I have been using them for 4 years now and love them. Because they have a lip at each side on the base they are perfect to make sliding drawer like box storage systems. Available in a huge range of sizes.

Excellent value euro container case with hinged lids and snap locks. High quality, industrial strength and made from food grade polypropylene.
Product details: (Measurements LxWxH)
External dimensions: 600 x 400 x 235mm
Internal dimensions: 567 x 367 x 217mm
Capacity: 44.2 Litres
Capacity (load): 20 Kg per container
Stacking load (at 23ºC): 300 Kg
Temperature resistance: -20ºC to +40ºC
Material: Polypropylene
Colour: Grey with blue snap locks
Solid sides and base
Hinged lid
Ergonomic hand holes
Lightweight and easy to carry
Easy to clean

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Roadshower - Solar Shower


The Solar Shower of the Future is Here!
Imagine enjoying the comfort of 4, 7 or 10 gallons of glorious hot pressurized water on your motorized travels. Road Shower is like adding plumbing to your vehicle rack. With the Road Shower you can have instant and easy access to pressurized water wherever you go without the hassle of propane, pumps, or long set up times. Hot or cold, the Road Shower has many uses: from the camp hose for dishes, a pressurized jet to rinse off dirty gear, a gentle spray for the pets, or for extra drinking water. It can be filled and pressurized by simply attaching and filling with your garden hose. Or you can fill it with water from a jug or hose and pump it up with a compressor or bike pump.

Model Comparison Chart ——- Road Shower 4 - 7 gallons ——Road Shower 4S - 4 gallons ——-Road Shower 4L - 10 gallons.

Available in the UK from Off Grid Gear

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Cleanwaste Compact Toilet


Enjoy dignified convenience with our safe, sturdy, thoughtfully engineered, premium quality GO anywhere portable toilet®. Our compact toilet weighs just 7 pounds and folds closed to standard briefcase size. It provides the comfort, height and ease of use of a standard toilet, supports up to 500 pounds and is stable on uneven ground. No mixing, messy chemical waste storage tanks or dump stations required. No assembly required.
Each Includes:
One portable toilet.
1 GO anywhere toilet kit®.
Instruction sheet.
Weight: 7lbs
Supports up to 500 Lbs.
To be used with GO anywhere toilet kits.
Built-in carry handle.

Youtube Video Demo … 6GA&

Available from EPS Retail -

Ridgemonkey Connect Multi-Pan

Another cracking Ridgemonkey pan for the Overland kit

Rustle up all kinds of adventurous cuisine with theRidgeMonkey Connect Multi-Purpose Pan & GriddleSet, featuring a deep-sided saucepan and a shallowgriddle plate. With use of RidgeMonkey’s innovativedetachable hinge design, the griddle plate doubles asa lid for the deep pan or alternatively both pans can beused independently – the choice is yours!The market-leading fluoropolymer coating providesunrivalled non-stick qualities and the squared shape& removable handles allow for easy storage in anysituation. What’s more, the pan and griddle plate areboth fully compatible with the existing RidgeMonkeyConnect Compact Sandwich Toaster XL giving you evenmore adaptability than ever before!


Lightweight die-cast aluminium pans
Fluoropolymer non-stick coating
Ridged exterior for even heat transfer
Cool touch removable handles with magnetic lock
Unique detachable hinge design
Fully compatible with the RidgeMonkey Connect Compact
Sandwich Toaster XL
Can be used on all traditional stoves and direct heat sources
(not suitable for induction hobs)
Protected registered design

Price Around £35.00 from all good Angling Shops



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