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Old Man Emu Suspension





Coil Springs

When undertaking 4×4 remote area travel, the need to carry sufficient fuel, water, vehicle spares and safety equipment invariably means that your 4WD will be fully loaded, placing a lot of strain on suspension components.

As part of their integrated 4WD suspension systems, Old Man Emu designs a range of coil springs for each vehicle, enabling the installer to match the most appropriate springs to the intended application. While ride height increases are attained, emphasis is placed on ride control improvements. Further fine tuning is achieved when the springs are matched to a corresponding set of Old Man Emu shock absorbers, delivering a fully integrated system designed specifically to suit your vehicle.

Springs are formed on precision mandrels

Scragging before and after shot peening to prevent sagging

Constant and variable rate coils available for multiple applications

Coil spring end configurations designed to exact specifications guaranteeing perfect fitment to your vehicle

Durable powder coat finish


Nitrocharger Sport Shock Absorbers

The latest addition to Old Man Emu’s 4WD suspension range, Nitrocharger Sport is the most advanced and innovative 4×4 shock absorber on the market, and is now available for a range of vehicles. Designed by a dedicated team of OME ride control engineers through an exhaustive vehicle specific development program, Nitrocharger Sport 4×4 shock absorbers deliver the best control, durability and most comfortable ride over all terrain.



Engineered for both on road drivability and off road touring

Durability proven under extensive laboratory and Outback testing, supported by scientific data logging

Instantaneously adapts to the terrain

The most finely tuned 4×4 shock absorber on the market, with all valving work carried out in Australia by OME’s ride control engineers

Dramatically improved low and high speed control for increased comfort and control over all road surfaces

Fully compatible with OME’s extensive range of springs, bushes and hardware for a complete integrated 4WD suspension system

Back-up from more than 120 authorised outlets Australia-wide, and also supported by ARB’s international dealer network

3 years / unlimited km warranty

Made in Australia


Emu Dakar Leaf Springs

Part of ARB’s integrated 4×4 suspension systems, Emu Dakar leaf springs are engineered to provide optimum ride performance irrespective of the operating conditions the vehicle’s suspension is required to work under.

Numerous spring options are available to suit a multitude of applications, allowing you to set your vehicle up for recreational or commercial purposes. Feature packed, a set of Emu Dakar leaf springs matched to a set of Old Man Emu 4×4 shock absorbers will deliver vastly improved ride, handling and load carrying capability.

Draw tapered and diamond cut leaves: Ensure the load is progressively distributed over a larger surface area, reducing the high stresses that develop at leaf ends. This provides increased ride quality and protection against leaf breakage, significantly increasing the spring life.

Bolt clamps and liners: The leaf clamps are bolted to allow installation of anti squeak nylon liners.

Fully scragged and load tested: Scragging ensures the spring takes a permanent ‘set’ which reduces the risk of sagging. Load testing ensures the spring meets the required specification.

Military wrap: Designed to provide added safety.

Anti friction pads: Regreasable nylon interleaf liners reduce friction at the leaf tips where the load is the greatest.

Flat axle seat area: Allows a positive, safe axle mount reducing spring stress and increasing spring life.

Shot peening: The tension side of all leaves is shot peened to reduce spring stress. This process can double the life of a spring.

Two-stage leaf pack: Featured on most rear springs for optimum comfort. When unladen the vehicle is largely riding on the primary stage, with the secondary stage providing additional support when a heavy load is added.


Torsion Bars

An important part of your 4WD suspension system, Old Man Emu torsion bars dramatically improve your vehicle’s ride and handling, both on road and off.

They are designed and set for optimum ride performance, while maintaining maximum wheel travel crucial to off road action. Our torsion bars work best when Old Man Emu coil or leaf springs are fitted to the rear of your vehicle, with bars and springs then carefully matched to our premium range of four wheel drive shock absorbers. Together, they’ll transform your vehicle’s suspension performance.

Manufactured from premium grade spring steel with a resilient powder coat to protect against corrosion

Precision drawn, dropped forged ends for optimal strength and integrity

Pressure rolled splines for precise fitment and increased spline durability

Hardened and tempered to exact specifications for improved performance


Preset and hardened to prevent sagging and increase life cycle


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Links To UK Distributors

Arbil 4x4 (Stourbridge)

Devon 4x4 (South Molton)

First Four Offroad (Devon)

Flatdog UK (Gainsborough)

Gigglepin 4x4 (Kent)

Jeepy Ltd (Hull)

John Craddock Ltd (Staffordshire)

LRS Offroad (Doncaster)

Maverick 4x4 (Dumfries and Galloway)

Surrey Offroad (Surrey)

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