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Vehicle Preparation Parts 1 to 6




A Selection of good to know guides for vehicle preparation guidance 



These are intended as guides only to assist in the building of your overland vehicle. ORP strongly recommend that a qualified vehicle technician is consulted before undertaking any major work on the vehicles suspension, suspension geometry, brakes or electrics.. Adding extra weight to the vehicle will alter the vehicles handling characteristics so be sure to obtain the laden weights and recommendations from the manufacturer or the vehicles handbook...

ORP-Prep-Guide1.pdf ORP-Prep-Guide1.pdf
ORP-Prep-Guide2.pdf ORP-Prep-Guide2.pdf
ORP-Prep-Guide3.pdf ORP-Prep-Guide3.pdf
ORP-Prep-Guide4.pdf ORP-Prep-Guide4.pdf
ORP-Prep-Guide5.pdf ORP-Prep-Guide5.pdf
ORP-Prep-Guide6.pdf ORP-Prep-Guide6.pdf

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