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Noco Lithium Boost Starter Packs


2,000 Amp UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter

The GB70 is a portable lithium-ion battery jump starter pack that delivers 2,000-amps for jump starting a dead battery in seconds. It features a patented safety technology that provides spark-proof connections and reverse polarity protection making safe and easy for anyone to use. It's a powerful battery booster that doubles as a portable power source for recharging USB devices, like a smartphone, tablet and more, or powering 12-volt devices, like a tire inflator, power inverter and much more. Designed for a car, boat, RV, truck and more with gas engines up to 8 liters, and diesel engines up to 6 liters.

Compact, yet powerful lithium jump starter rated at 2,000 amps up to 40 jump starts on a single charge.

An ultra-safe and mistake-proof design with spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection, which allows it to safely connect to any battery.

An ultra-bright 400 lumen LED flashlight with 7 light modes including SOS and emergency strobe.

Recharge your personal devices on the go, like smartphones, tablets, e-watches and more - up to 6 smartphone recharges.

Power 12V devices anywhere, like tire inflators, power inverters, and more.

 Designed for gas engines up to 8 liters and diesel engines up to 6 liters for cars, SUVs, trucks, boats, RVs, and more.


Link To Manufacturer


Links To UK Distributors

The Battery Shop - Swindon

SYBS Group - Sheffield, Leeds & London




I have owned this unit for a bit over a year now.

This has become one of my everyday carry items, alongside a satnav and bottle of water.

Easy to use, compact, keeps its charge, easy to charge, charges my laptop (via a 12v charger).

Has been used on numerous vehicles, diggers, lorries etc.

Also can be and has been used as a mobile power source for roof top tent and oz-tent.

Five star, I don’t think I have any niggles/negatives on this yet.

Never used it as a torch but this is also an option.


Doug Falkner - Reading




gb70_sell_sheet_v3_1.8.2020_1.pdf gb70_sell_sheet_v3_1.8.2020_1.pdf
Nocco-GB70-Manual.pdf Nocco-GB70-Manual.pdf

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