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Bundutec - Bundutop Electric Tent





Tuff-Trek ® are the Exclusive European Distributors for BunduTec’s range of unique Electric Rooftents and Awnings. Made in South Africa to Patented Designs BunduTec unique Rooftents are designed to offer maximum convenience and comfort, with the easiest set up and pack away on the market!


The BUNDUTOP Electric Roof Tent brings a new dimension to the world of roof top tents. Taking less than 20 seconds to set-up, your luxurious accommodation is just the press of a button away. Made completely from durable but low weight Aluminium these roof tents have been sold and used around the world in some of the toughest conditions (Southern Africa, Australia, Middle East) for the last 6 years so you can rest assured they are not just a gimmick.


A powerful electric motor lifts the BunduTop roof, using a unique elevating mechanism, and automatically deploys the 4 sided rain flaps at the same time, adding a useful gutter for wet weather. When it comes to packing away, simply leave your bedding in place (taking care it won’t foul the mechanism), press the down button and less than 20 seconds & 4x clips later you’re all done!

 All 4x sides have fully zipped and mosquito lined windows and doors, allowing you access from all 4x sides with the supplied folding ladder.

 The BunduTop roof is well insulated and lined, and has a class leading extra thick 10cm mattress for extra comfort. Combined with built in LED lighting and a useful internal power point you won’t want to leave! In future we will be adding the option of additional insulation for colder climates and winter camping (please call to discuss options).




New for Autumn 2019 – choose from BLACK SHELL, KHAKI SHELL, ORIGINAL SILVER/GREY, DESERT SAND (WITH SAND FABRIC). For the 1st time in Europe we can offer different colour shells to suit your vehicle or environment!


We can now supply your BunduTop pre-wired from the factory, ready for SOLAR PANELS to be fitted to the roof. This means all the cabling is already in place so all you have to do is fit your panels and start your adventures.




Previously called ‘Add-A-Room’ the new BUNDUROOM is a clever optional extra for your BunduTop Rooftent. It fixes permanently to the roof and can be opened out to provide a large sheltered porch above your side entrance, giving addiotnal cover from rain or sun when you enter or exit your tent!




Designed to fit to the rack below your BunduTop the new ENSUITE is a unique quick to deploy extra large changing room, shower curtain etc, but with the added advantage that it can attach to the BUNDUROOM to make a large ANNEX room! This is ideal for our European conditions where the ability to enter and exit the BUNDUTOP rooftent in privacy or sheltered from poor weather is an advantage! Why squeeze yourself into a tiny enclosure when you can luxuriate in space!




      • Full 12v Electric Operation (the only rooftop tent you can pitch with a sundowner in hand…)

      • Automatically deployed Shade awning around all four sides of the tent

      • Tent fully erect, with awnings in 20 seconds  / fully closed, all sides & awnings folded away automatically in 20 seconds!

      • 2100 Long x 1350 Wide x 300 High mm Closed / 2100 x 1350 x 1030 Opened

      • Window covers zip open/closed from the inside

      • Built in LED light and 12v accessory socket (charge phones etc)

      • All aluminium construction, Insulated roof inside – no condensation

      • 100mm High Density Foam Mattress

      • Heavy Duty Sliding Aluminium ladder.




New for Autumn 2019 – choose from BLACK SHELL, KHAKI SHELL, ORIGINAL SILVER/GREY, DESERT SAND (WITH SAND FABRIC). For the 1st time in Europe we can offer different colour shells to suit your vehicle or environment! 


NOTE: You will need to run a 6mm cable (with Anderson connector & 15a in-line fuse) from your vehicle to power the Bundu-Top. The tent has built in over-ride features to protect it from damage if you forget to release the 4x transit latches!


 Link To Manufacturers Website

 Link To UK Distributor (Tuff-Trek)

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